Love Magic of I. and our products and wish to share it with your established online community and audience? Join the MOI Cluster as a MOI Ambassador and earn commission sharing something you love and being able to offer discount incentive to your audience! 


Every Ambassador earns a commission on all referred customer purchases, just by sharing our creations with your audience.
If you are an aligned Influencer, Instagram master, blogger, content creator, Astrologer or retreat and event facilitator and wish to share our products with your audience without ever handling the goods themselves - we would love for you to apply for this Ambassador program below.


You must tick off ALL of the following list to be considered:
> Public social media account (preferably Instagram) of 10k +
> Website with resources / blog for sharing content and mailing list
> Must create original and authentic content focused on health, wellness, personal growth, astrology, magic or similar
> Have high-quality original content and share it regularly with your community (professional images preferred)


10% commission from referrals with your own unique URL and 10% discount code for your audience. You’ll also get access to discounted and sample products and be able to access your Affiliate Dashboard where you can track your commission and sales, anytime you need. You’ll also receive exclusive Ambassador specific updates via email, seasonally. 


If you don’t meet this criteria but would still like to share with your community - we are working on a rewards program in 2021 so look out for more details on how you can still support MOI and benefit with special bonuses, discounts, gifts and opportunities. 


If you meet all of our requirements and are feeling it in your soul after reading this - please fill out the application form below and we will be in touch!